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Burnout: output > input

I know I have been talking a lot about maths and science lately, But these are the analogies that keep popping into my head. Maybe it is because my sons are currently studying for end of year exams, I don’t know. Anyway here is another little equation for you. OUTPUT > NOURISHING INPUT = DEPLETION…

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Does it always feel like you never have enough time?

One of the biggest reasons I hear from my clients (and anyone really) as to why they don’t do something they really want to do, is…… TIME! I hear it so often, I don’t have enough time, If I can find the time I will …. Or if only I had enough time I would…

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Why you should do a little of what you love a lot

There are things you loathe to do And things you feel you should do. There are probably lots of things you like to do. BUT how many things do you LOVE to do… really love to do? I LOVE to Run Read Do yoga Spend time with my family and friends Be outside somewhere beautiful.…

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Life isn’t always sunshine and roses

Life should always be rainbows and daisies, sunshine and roses, right? – happy, smiling faces, sunny days, exciting experiences, parties and good times. After flicking through social media profiles you would be excused for thinking that just about everybody is happy…. all the time. It’s almost exhausting looking at all that happiness. You may wonder…

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