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Why failing makes you a winner

What is your tolerance for failure? Would you say it is high, medium or low? Cast your mind back to the last time you failed to get something you wanted Or failed to reach a goal. How many times did you try before you gave up? Once, twice … five times? NOW Imagine, if you…

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Why you need to be asking yourself better questions.

Have you ever taken the time to stop and consider the kinds of questions that you ask yourself on a daily basis? Consider this ,  We all have incredible human brains. Our own personal, built-in super computer. These amazing brains work tirelessly for us, finding answers to all the questions that we ask of it.…

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Shift your perspective – change the world

I would like to help you develop a mental super power. One that can help you change the way you experience the world. One that can change the way you think and feel in the blink of an eye. All without changing the situation or any of the facts. Kind of like moving an object…

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