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How to change your day with a smile

Can you remember the last time a friend shared a really great joke or funny story? How you laughed together, How you slapped your sides, How your eyes watered, And your tummy muscles hurt? And then, when you walked away from that moment, How your mood felt a little lighter, How your day seemed that…

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Wanting what you already have

We humans are so difficult to satisfy. We always want what we don’t yet have. We are always looking over our shoulder,  or over the fence,  or these days flicking through endless pictures on Insta or Facebook To see what everybody else is up to To see what everybody else has To check up on…

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Can you touch your metaphorical toes?

As an endurance runner, I run a lot. Which can lead to some seriously tight hips and hamstrings if I am not careful. And having tight, rigid muscles is never good. It can lead to injury, lower back pain, loss of mobility. It could limit the way I want to live. So I do yoga…

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Joy in any moment

I love getting away to the coast. This was the view on my morning walk Gorgeous, isn’t it? I cant’ get enough of it. There is something about The wildness of the ocean The salty smell in the air The vast blue sky …. I feel so calm and happy in the face of such…

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Life isn’t always sunshine and roses

Life should always be rainbows and daisies, sunshine and roses, right? – happy, smiling faces, sunny days, exciting experiences, parties and good times. After flicking through social media profiles you would be excused for thinking that just about everybody is happy…. all the time. It’s almost exhausting looking at all that happiness. You may wonder…

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