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Better than fine: How are you today?

How are you today? Seriously, how are you? When someones asks you that question, what is your automatic response? For most people the answer generally lies along the spectrum of Ok to fine….. Really is everyone OK? Are we all just fine? I know life isn’t always a bed of roses, but surely we can…

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Pay attention! Don’t waste your time.

Life = Time (profound, I know 😉!) Everything we experience is made up of moments of time. And we all know that time is our most precious resource. We all feel like we never have enough and would definitely like as much as we can get. And yet….. We spend it so recklessly. Spending it…

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Shopping? Keep your values in mind.

I am big on the idea of living by your values. Making decisions based on things that are important to you, rather than worrying about convention or what other people think. I am usually pretty good at this, but Christmas can be a challenge, those retailers and advertisers are GOOD at their job, right? Yesterday…

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Why you need to just DECIDE!

Why you need to decide

I found myself dithering a LOT this past week. It was disconcerting and annoying. I spent way too much time umming and ahhing between potential topics for a workshop I am launching soon. It took up my brain space for almost the whole week. In the time it took me to decide between ideas, I…

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Everything is a choice – you don’t HAVE to do anything!

It’s all too easy to dismiss an idea as just semantics. But I think NOTHING is just semantics. Words are powerful. Words shape our thoughts, which in turn create the world we see in front of us. Think about the difference to approaching a task or a goal with the thought of “I have to…

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Making the days count

I don’t know why I was thinking about this earlier this week but…. I did the maths and figured out that I have lived for 16,090 days — which means all going well I have around another 16000 to live. This sounds like quite a lot But those days do seem to be passing by…

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