Re-NEW You Kickstart

3-Month Private Coaching Program

Georgia Bamber Coaching

Re-NEW You Kickstart

3-Month Private Coaching Program



1:1 personal coaching that will kick start that change you are looking for

Right.  If you are here I am guessing you want some personal attention to help you reboot and kick start some serious changes in your life.

Well you have come to the right place, my friend.  Because that is just what I can help you do.

I help, amazing capable women, like you, create lives that are full of meaning, happiness and adventure.

I help them overcome obstacles, address their inner critics and embrace a mindset for success.

Sounds awesome, I know.  And I can help you too.

I help my clients:

  • Move from stuck to unstuck
  • Figure out what they want from life
  • Be confident and empowered
  • Get started on new projects or ventures
  • Get healthy
  • Lose weight
  • Stop over-drinking
  • Make big decisions
  • Set boundaries and make themselves a priority
  • Learn to improve relationships
  • Manage their minds so they can take on any challenge
  • Be happier and flourish
  • And much more….

So if this is what you are looking for, read on.

So Here's How it Works

For 3 months, we will work together to turn your life around and get it heading in an exciting new direction.

I’ll help you to gain clarity and insight about all the possibilities in your life and figure out what you want.

BUT – almost more importantly I will take you that step further and help you turn these possibilities into realities.  I’ll support you and provide the accountability you need to keep taking concrete forward action.

Our work will revolve around discovery, mindset, managing emotions and fears, building confidence and making yourself a priority.

It will also involve practical work like goal setting and taking massive and effective action.

My job is to listen to you, support you, challenge you and keep you on track.

I will be your guide and your cheerleader.

Your job is to be prepared to get stuck in and do the work required to create an amazing life.

Together we can pull it off.  I know.

What's included in this program?

  • A welcome pack, from me to you, to kick off our work together in the nicest way
  • 90-minute intensive discovery session.

    In this session, we will talk about your plans and worries, hopes and dreams so I can put together a tailor-made coaching program.

  • 5 x 60 minute coaching sessions

    Every two weeks we will get together for a one-hour coaching session – each one specially designed to help you move closer and closer towards your goal.   The aims of these sessions are twofold.  Firstly to help you understand yourself and develop the mindset to go out and get what you want.  And secondly to arm you with the confidence and tools you need to go out there and start making things happen.  It’s exciting, it’s challenging but it is going to be fun.

  • 5 x 15 minute spot coaching session

    On those weeks when we don’t have our long session together you can call me for a quick spot coach if you need it.  If you have any questions, problems or anything that is challenging you.  We can hash it out together so you can keep moving forwards.

  • Email support throughout the three month program
  • BONUS: 3 months free access to my online membership program


3-month program for US $420 per month.


“Your zest for life is truly inspiring – setting goals, working at them and achieving them. Wow!”

“Georgia has helped me to address and deal with beliefs and fears. She offers a refreshing, honest, and no nonsense approach to tackling issues.”

“You’ve been amazing Georgia, I doubt that without your guidance I would have completed or created my new program.”