Pay attention! Don’t waste your time.

Life = Time (profound, I know 😉!) Everything we experience is made up of moments of time. And we all know that time is our most precious resource. We all feel like we never have enough and would definitely like as much as we can get. And yet….. We spend it so recklessly. Spending it…

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Does it always feel like you never have enough time?

One of the biggest reasons I hear from my clients (and anyone really) as to why they don’t do something they really want to do, is…… TIME! I hear it so often, I don’t have enough time, If I can find the time I will …. Or if only I had enough time I would…

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It’s a dog’s life – learning to let life unfold

I was watching my dog, Frank, wandering around my garden. Eyes following the butterflies flitting around the grass – nose twitching in the hopes of picking up the scent of a stray rabbit. He was so in the moment, so alert and without a care in the world. Life is easy for Frank – life…

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Why you need to fall (sometimes)

“If you aren’t falling, you aren’t trying,” said a wise man sitting next to me on a chairlift,  as we watched little kids bombing down the hill, learning to ski, falling left right and centre. So true when it comes to skiing…. So true when it comes to life in general. As hard and painful…

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How not to sweat the small stuff

how not to sweat the small stuff

I had the great misfortune to attend a funeral this past week. It was awful. Funerals are always awful. There is really not much good that can be said of them, except for two things…. They bring family together in support and love And they are a huge WAKE UP CALL as to what is…

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Why you need to just DECIDE!

Why you need to decide

I found myself dithering a LOT this past week. It was disconcerting and annoying. I spent way too much time umming and ahhing between potential topics for a workshop I am launching soon. It took up my brain space for almost the whole week. In the time it took me to decide between ideas, I…

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Shift your perspective – change the world

I would like to help you develop a mental super power. One that can help you change the way you experience the world. One that can change the way you think and feel in the blink of an eye. All without changing the situation or any of the facts. Kind of like moving an object…

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