It’s Impossible! (or is it?)

When you look back on your life,

How many of the things that you have now accomplished did you once think impossible?



Finding your first girlfriend/boyfriend

Landing your first job

Buying your own car

Having kids

Creating a home

And the list could go on.

At one point in time all of these things likely seemed pretty improbable,

If not impossible, like some far away dream that you would never reach.

Yet here you are walking and talking and doing all kinds of things that you once thought would never happen for you.

Isn’t life cool?

The way things work out, the way we progress, change, adapt and grow…

When you look at your life right now,

I am sure you have quite a few things that you feel are ‘impossible’ in this moment.

Maybe getting your business off the ground,

Finding your dream job

Losing weight and getting fit

Making time for yourself.

Whatever it is, it can feel like it is never ….going ….. to ……. happen.

But just like your ‘impossible’ dreams from the past it is very likely that these hopes will be the reality of your future.

I know it is hard to see now, because things don’t work out —— until they do.

But all you need is to believe in yourself.

And keep taking small steps forward each day.

Persist and you will prevail.

We all have the ability to make the ‘impossible’ possible.

You’ve proven it countless times over already.

Have a great week

Georgia xx

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