Life’s short! Why you should make a moment to remember, today.

Life is short.

We all know it.

Especially as time seems to (scarily) speed up as the years go by.

Days can blur into weeks, into months and even years.

In part this happens because we are so caught up in the drama we play out in our own heads,

Or absorbed in the private world of our various devices,

That we forget to stop and appreciate the moment we are actually in.

We forget to feel the wind on our face,

Notice the birds singing from the trees,

Or smell the proverbial roses.

Taking time out to be present to the moment is important.

But we also get caught up in the routines of daily life.

Life is busy, we all have stuff we need to get done.

And a lot of the time we just slip into autopilot,

To do what we need to do.

Which makes life easer, for sure,

But it doesn’t make it more memorable.

But do you know what does?

Making a conscious effort to make special moments.

To stop what you are doing, and step out of the ordinary.

To have some fun and be spontaneous.

Even if it is just for a few minutes.

You can create a memory that will stand out.

A pillow fight with your kids.

A walk in the sunshine on a brisk autumn day.

Stopping to give someone a big hug or a smile.

Breakfast in bed.

Cooking a meal as a family.

Taking a detour to randomly visit somewhere new.

The options are endless.

Special moments like these may just be minutes in the hundreds of thousands of hours that make up your life,

But they are what make it precious.

Why not keep an eye out and do something out of the ordinary today?

Have a great week

Georgia xx

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