Cultivating kindness.

I think that one of the most important, if not the most important, qualities to cultivate as a human is


Can you imagine a world where every action or reaction

Was fuelled by kindness?

Not by anger, irritation or jealousy,

Indifference, intolerance or ambition,

But by a genuine desire to be kind to another.

It would be amazing, right?

And although just about everyone can see the value of living in a world of kindness.

Putting this into practice can be hard.

Life gets in the way.

We get caught up in our own emotions, stories and beliefs

In the rush of everyday living.

And we don’t always stop to consider where our actions are coming from.

Or which emotions are guiding us to make our choices.

Sometimes we are just plain blinded to the consequences of our actions.

We are human, after all!

But like anything, kindness is a practice.

The more you do it, the better you will get.

So this week, let’s practice together.

Do you think we could aim for maximum kindness?

Even with the people who are irritating or annoying, or nasty.

Even when we are in an argument or when we are tired.

I think we can.

It just takes a little awareness and intention.

So with each interaction this week, ask yourself….

“What would kindness do?”

And then, do that.

Let’s see how much goodness we can create.

Are you in?

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