When was the last time you had a ‘real’ conversation?

When was the last time you had a real conversation with someone?

And by conversation I mean, a two way interaction when you were open to exploring the topic at hand rather than airing your own views and opinions?

Using this criteria, there is a high probability that it might have been a while ago.

Because it is harder than you think to have a true two way communication, with the result that

Most of the interactions that we call conversations are something else altogether

  • A fact finding mission
  • An attempt to persuade or cajole
  • A chance to show off and be in the spotlight
  • A chance to score points
  • A chance to complain or gripe
  • An opportunity to gossip

And the list could go on.

Think about the interactions you have had over the last few days.

How many of those would you rate as ‘true’ conversations.

And how many of maybe one of those other things on the list…..?

Yep….. if you are like most people there probably weren’t that many conversations going on.

The unfortunate fact is, that most people are really bad at listening.

Great at hearing, bad a listening.

Good at communicating their own agenda, bad at considering that of another.

It is easy to see why.

In our busy days we get caught up in the bubble of our own lives, thoughts, schemes and dreams.

We get so excited by the ideas in our own brains, that we forget to slow down and tune into those of the people around us.

We mean no harm, but damage is done none the less.

Conversation should be a two way street.

Not just taking turns talking, but taking turns listening.

I challenge you this week, pay attention to your conversations.

And try to enter into them with no agenda other to listen, learn and connect.

What do you think?

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