How would you describe yourself? (and why it matters)

Good morning,

What are some of the nouns you would use to describe yourself?

Off the top of my head right now, I would say…..








Because I am a writer, I write almost every day.

Because I am a reader, I always have at least 2 or 3 books on the go.

Because I am a runner, I don’t think twice about hitting the pavement most days of the week.

Because I am a non-smoker, the thought of a cigarette never crosses my mind.

Because I am vegan, I don’t eat meat.

Because I like to bake, I (all too often) have cake with my afternoon tea!

It’s amazing how the way you describe yourself has such a huge impact on behaviour.

Your perception of who you are, actually changes what you do.

And this is because, the way you identify yourself,

Provides your brain with ready-made shortcuts it can use to make decisions.

Not sure about whether you want to go for a run in the morning?

Brain says, “Easy – you are a runner, so go for a run!”

So can you see how something as simple as your identity can help you to create habits and behaviours

That actually end up shaping your life, health and happiness?

Crazy, right?

There’s those semantics at work again!

So what are some words you use to identify yourself?

Do you like the behaviours that they lead you to take?

If yes, perfect.

If no, maybe have a rethink about how you could start to describe yourself differently.

And use the power of words to take your life if the direction you want it to go.

Are you looking to make some changes in your life? (business, health, wealth, relationships, self)

I know that things have been a little crazy the past year. And things can feel uncertain. But you still have goals and dreams right? That hasn’t changed. You still want to do things with your life.

And there is no good reason why you shouldn’t get on and do it. Actually, this is a PERFECT time.

So whatever your goals, wishes or hopes might be, I would love to help you make them a reality.

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That’s it – first step towards the life you want, DONE.

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