It’s never the right time – but it is always the right time.

It’s just not the right time!!

But really when is it ever the right time, to make a change or reach for a new goal?

Pretty much never!

We are always busy.

Life will always be uncertain.

There will always be things that get in your way.

There will always be people who need you.

There will always be urgent tasks that need to be done.

So when you think about it


is a terrible reason not to do something.

Because, there will never be a right time,

That perfect moment, when the heavens align,

When time slows down and the way is clear.

If you are waiting for that moment – you will be waiting FOREVER.

And all those plans and goals you cherish,

Will remain a dream.

There is no time that is any better than right now.

So if this is what is getting in the way of you pursuing your goals,

Let it go.

Because this is your time.

Right here, right now.

Stop waiting for that magic moment.


Make yourself and your goals a priority.

Carve out the space and time to think and start taking the appropriate actions.

Do it now.

Do it today.

There will never be a better time.

Have a great week

Georgia xx

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