How to have a happy Christmas

I have been driving my kids nuts this week practicing Jingle Bell Rock on the piano.

Over and over again (It’s the only Christmas song I know for the moment!)

I think their sense of Christmas cheer is waning thin already.

And my vision of having a repertoire of fun Christmas carols to play

Is also rapidly evaporating as the reality of how much I need to practice sets in.

The family is probably not going to be standing around the piano singing carols while I play this year!

(I can hear a large sigh of relief from my husband)

But the holidays are a bit like that, aren’t they?

In our head they are all fun, festivities and feasts,

Happy family members laughing and enjoying each others company

Playing games and engaging in interesting conversations.

Can you see the movie of your perfect Christmas playing in your head?

Now cast your mind back to Christmases past.

Is that how they played out,

I’m guessing, probably not!

More likely there was quite a bit of stress, frustration and squabbling mixed in with the fun.

I don’t know anyone who actually gets to live that instagram perfect holiday.

No matter how hard they aspire to it.

Which means Christmas is often disappointing.

Not because of what actually happens on the day, but because it misses the mark of our expectations.

So do you know what the easiest way is to ensure you have the best Christmas ever?


Enjoy the time for what it is.

Accept your family members for who they are.

Be in the moment.

Wishing you a very happy Holiday

Georgia xx

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