Curiosity killed the cat… or did it?

Curiosity killed the cat…..

Or so they say,

But maybe curiosity led to the cat finding something really good to eat,

To making some new friends to play with or discovering a cosy place to snooze in.

Curiosity is often disparaged in our western culture.

Thought of as a potentially dangerous or at least unattractive characteristic,

Being attributed to nosy parkers and sticky beaks.

But I think curiosity is a HIGHLY underrated quality.

Clients often ask me,

“How can I let go of unwanted thoughts and emotion?”

I tell them, use curiosity.

Instead of getting caught up in the drama of your life, get curious.

Ask yourself

Why am I thinking/feeling this way?

Where did that come from?

Is this helpful?

Curiosity will help you gain so much information about yourself,

With the added bonus that the drama will start to subside.

So curiosity can help you explore and balance your thoughts and emotions.

But it can help you do so much more.

Curiosity enables you to learn and discover new things about yourself, and the world around you.

Curiosity boosts achievement and your chances of success.

Because, of course, the more curious and interested you are in what you are doing,

The more engaged and focused you will become.

Curiosity is associated with being happier.

And it expands your capacity for empathy,

helping you to better understand perspectives other than your own.

Which in turn helps to strengthen your relationships.

All this from simply fostering a desire to know and learn more.

So cool.

So this week, GET CURIOUS!

Be a scientist of your own life and let loose your sense of wonder.

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