Where would you be without your mistakes?

Who likes making mistakes?

Any hands up?

Not many, I’m guessing.

Because most of us really hate making mistakes and try to avoid them at all costs.

It is not hard to see why.

Mistakes can be super embarrassing.

They can create messes that have to be cleaned up.

They can make you feel silly or incompetent.

Who needs that?

And when do you ever get rewarded for making a mistake?

For example, in school you only got points for the correct answers.

No-one cared what you learned from your errors or how much effort you put in.

And sadly, most of life seems set up this way.

However I think it could be a mistake, to avoid mistakes……

If you think about it, where would we all be without them?

Well at a very basic level we would actually still be a bunch of amoeba in the primordial soup.

Evolution itself, is just the result of one teeny, tiny mistake after another.

This is how nature learns.

And the same goes for us humans.

Our knowledge and experience grows through the correcting of mistakes.

It is how we learn, adapt, improve and discover new things.

Without mistakes we would remain static.

So I think we all need to flip our mindset about mistakes.

Mistakes are not something to be shunned, feared and avoided.

We should encourage, embrace, and even celebrate them.

Making mistakes means you are giving life a go!

You should get gold stars for your mistakes, pats on the back all round.

Don’t let a fear of mistakes keep you in your comfort zone

Or from being the extraordinary person you were born to be.

Take a risk, try something new, experiment.

Who knows what might happen?

What mistakes will you risk making today?

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