Why it is important to use your words

Language is incredibly powerful.

If you have been reading my Monday Mindsets for a while you will know that I am fascinated by the power of words to shape our feelings and even our lives.


It matters.

Consider this description from a book I am reading by Lisa Feldman Barrett about emotions.

“Imagine the feeling of reaching into a bag of potato chips and discovering that the previous chip you ate was the last one.You feel disappointed that the bag is empty, relieved that you won’t be ingesting any more calories, slightly guilty that you ate the entire bag and yet hungry for another chip”

I am guessing that you, like me, can cobble together exactly how this moment feels,

But imagine how much easier to have a word that could sum it all up.

Lisa calls it “chiplessness”

Perfect – a new word that we can now use to succinctly describe exactly this feeling.

Can you see what happened there?

We didn’t have a concept, and now we do

And we can all talk about it and share it.

‘Chiplessness’ is now a thing!

Can you see the power that words have to give meaning and context to your life?

The words you say to yourself actually create your experience.

Life doesn’t just happen to you.

You are an active constructor.

And in large part you do this through your words.

Studies show that the more specific you are with your vocabulary,

The more emotionally healthy you are.

Which translates to not only better mental, but even physical well-being.

Less trips to the doctor, a stronger immune system, less stress.

I told you words were powerful.

There are countless ways that you can express how you feel.

Picking the most appropriate word makes a difference.

So don’t just be sad – take the time to consider whether you might be

Discouraged, dejected or perhaps regretful.

Consider whether you are angry, frustrated or perhaps a little piqued.

And don’t settle for plain old ‘happy’

Are you excited, inspired, joyful, enthusiastic……

Maybe try some new words out this week and see how different it makes you feel.

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