It’s not them, it’s me!

There are a lot of things that drive me just a little bit crazy.

Many of them, at the moment, revolve around the habits of teenagers.

(I am blessed with two ?)

The mountains of laundry that materialise every day.

The boxes of cereal left out on the bench.

The empty snack wrappers stuffed between the sofa cushions.

Things left out for me to trip over, everywhere!

The noise.

And the list could go on (and on)

If I don’t check myself, these things could get me very upset and frustrated.

I could start yelling at my kids to take better care of themselves and the house.

I could stomp around fuming that everyone is so thoughtless.

And I have to admit, sometimes that is exactly what happens.

I get caught up in thoughts like

“Why don’t they just pick up after themselves?”

“Why aren’t they more considerate?”

“Why do they never offer to help me?”

The answer, of course, is glaringly obvious ……

Because they are teenagers!!!

Of course they are messy, sometimes inconsiderate and noisy.

That is the way they are designed.

And when I can remember this, everything shifts.

I realise that it is my expectations that are out of whack, not their behaviour.

They are behaving exactly as teenagers behave.

The problem is, that I am expecting anything different.

This is the source of my frustration and when I can remember that,

I am able to let those negative feelings go.

Of course, I still ask them to pick up their clothes and keep the noise down.

But I don’t let myself get wound up about it.

I let go of the drama and act from a place of (relative) calm.

And life is better for everyone involved.

If you are feeling frustrated or disappointed this week, have a check in with yourself.

Is there a mismatch between your expectations and reality?

I would be willing to place a big bet there is.

Instead of getting annoyed that things aren’t as they ‘should be’

Start working with what is.

At very least, you will start to feel a whole lot better.

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