Are you committed, or do you just want it?


There is a huge gap between wanting something

And actually doing something.

Intention is great, but it is not the same as following through.

It’s one thing to want to make an early start every day.

It is another to resist sleeping in instead.

It is great to have a dream to publish a book.

It is another thing to actually sit down daily and write it.

It is fantastic if you want to start taking better care of yourself.

It is another thing to eat well, sleep well and keep fit.

You get it…. We have all been there.

Following through on your visions for yourself can be hard.

Especially when that pesky thing we call ‘life’ keeps getting in the way.

I often get clients who come to me wanting to make some great changes.

They have the dream, they have the plan.

They want to start a new business, lose weight, reduce stress, be healthier and happier.

But for some reason they just can’t make it come together.

They can’t make the change they want stick and it is super frustrating for them.

So I have to tell them the truth.

They aren’t committed -yet.

They want it – but not enough to get out there and do what it takes.

Commitment means – NO MATTER WHAT.

It doesn’t mean finding reasons (even good ones) as to why you can’t.

It means getting out and doing what needs to be done, despite those reasons.

And it is fine not to be committed.

Sometimes we want something, but we don’t want it no matter what.

And that is OK.

There is no point to continue beating yourself up over that.

It is better to be honest with yourself.

Own up to the reason that you haven’t been making progress.

We both know it is down to one thing only…….

And either let it go, or dig deeper.

If you do decide you really want it, then you know what you need to do.

Commit to go all in.


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Are you looking to get back on track?

I know that things have been a little crazy lately. The world is shifting by the minute. And things feel uncertain. But you still have goals and dreams right? That hasn’t changed. You still want to do things with your life.

And there is no good reason why you shouldn’t get on and do it. Actually, this is a PERFECT time.

It is the people who keep moving forward, who are going to come out on the other side of this crisis stronger and ready to thrive.

So whatever your goals, wishes or hopes might be, I would love to help you make them a reality. Would you like me to help you do that?

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That’s it – first step towards the life you want, DONE.

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