How amazing are we!

Good morning,

You are made up of 99.9% space,

Intermittently interspersed with material which starts first as strings, then becomes

Quarks, electrons, protons and neutron,

And then atoms.

Atoms, form into small molecules, then mid-sized and mega molecules like DNA.

And all this, just a fraction of the contents of a single cell,

Trillions of which make up your body.

And almost more amazing, contained within that body is

The consciousness, feeling, creativity, intelligence and awareness,

That makes this experience we call life, even possible.

And then the billions of people just like you,

Sitting on this planet, hanging in space,

Revolving around one lone star,

In a galaxy of countless stars,

In a universe of untold galaxies.

Ever expanding outwards.

Each and every one of us is a part, and plays a part, in this magnificent symphony.

Mind-bending stuff, but what is my point ?….

It is easy, and human, to get caught up in the day-to-day.

To narrow your focus on what is right in front of you,

To be weighed down by doubts and worries.

The human experience can be tough at times.

In these moments it can help to remember

That you are part of something so much bigger.

Take a moment to breathe in the marvel that is your life.

Are you looking to get back on track?

I know that things have been a little crazy lately. The world is shifting by the minute. And things feel uncertain. But you still have goals and dreams right? That hasn’t changed. You still want to do things with your life.

And there is no good reason why you shouldn’t get on and do it. Actually, this is a PERFECT time.

It is the people who keep moving forward, who are going to come out on the other side of this crisis stronger and ready to thrive.

So whatever your goals, wishes or hopes might be, I would love to help you make them a reality. Would you like me to help you do that?

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That’s it – first step towards the life you want, DONE.

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