Are you a half-full or half-empty kind of person?


There is a “special” day for just about everything.

Fun at work day, donut day, Scrabble day, bird day, puppy day.

You name it, you can probably find a day dedicated to it.

And yesterday was, can you believe it? ……..


But this, in fact, might be a good thing, because positive thinking often gets a bad rap.

And I get it.

It can all seems a bit too fluffy, trite and unrealistic.

No amount of telling yourself that your life is all rainbows and unicorns is going to magically transform it into rainbows and unicorns.

Endlessly repeating overly optimistic mantras or ignoring reality, is NOT helpful.

But still, there is a lot to be said for positive thinking.

If you use it correctly, it can be life changing.

Just like the glass half full/ half empty test.

You can choose to look at something in a positive light or in a negative light.

Both options are always available.

Both options are true.

The glass is half full, but it is also half empty.

And your brain has an amazing way of finding evidence for the aspect that you choose to focus on.

And it doesn’t just work for the proverbial glass.

You can choose how you think about your day.

About your colleagues at work.

About your home, your job, your friends and family.

About anything, really.

If you look for good things, you will find them.

If you look for bad things, you will find them.

They both co-exist. They are both true.

So being positive isn’t fluffy, and it is no less realistic than being negative.

It is just choosing to see a different side of things.

And this positive side is always available to you.

You just need to decide to look for it.

How much nicer to see the world from this point of view!

So a little reminder for your this week- if you are feeling frustrated or stuck, grumpy or deflated,

Take a moment to see how the glass might be half full and flip over into a more positive mindset.

Happy Positive Thinking Day (for yesterday!)

Have a great week


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