You can always find a bright spot in your day

This COVID-19 stuff is getting pretty overwhelming.

Lockdown, social distancing, looming economic collapse.

I get it, you get it.

It is important.

But it doesn’t mean we need to be immersed in it 24/7.

Life still goes on, right?

There are other things to think about.

So as much as I am here for you if you need support and connection during this time

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I have decided I want this weekly email to be a place of respite.

A place where you get to think about something else.

To step out of that river of panic and anxiety that so many of us are swimming in.

To give your brain a break and something different to think about.

Something uplifting, inspiring or thought provoking.

We have been so inundated with the negative lately.

And I get it, this is bad.

But everything has been so over-sensationalised and over -dramatised.

The media are constantly using words like devastation, invasion, chaos.

Everywhere you turn there is another story, another alert.

And I know we need to pay attention,

But there is no need to be in a constant state of fear and confusion.

It is super unhelpful and causing unnecessary angst.

Also it is not reality.

Life is never all bad.

In the present there is always some goodness, always some bright spot no matter what is going on.

No matter how small, it helps ….

a bird outside the window, a smile, a great song, a few minutes to just breathe mindfully.

And although we shouldn’t ignore what is going on,

It doesn’t mean that we can’t shift our attention, and focus on some good stuff every now and then.

So here is a little project for you today.

Take three pictures of things that either make you smile or make you feel at peace.

Here are mine.

My little cat Bitly who is always making me laugh

Proof that my son and I made it home alive after I took him for one of his first driving lessons.

A pair of roses blossoming in my garden

I would love to see your pictures.

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A place to hang out, share, and brainstorm ways to cope with and make the most of this situation we are all in.

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