A new term has recently entered our common lexicon,

social distancing

And although I completely understand and appreciate the need for these strong actions,

To hopefully slow and ultimately stop the spread of the COVID virus

(I have a son who is immune compromised, and we are one of the first families in our area, that I know of, who have gone into full lock down.)

I’ve noticed a not so subtle change in the way I view and interact with other people “on the outside”.

Has this happened to you too?

Instead of seeing people, all I see are potential virus vectors.

To be avoided…..like the plague.

If someone sneezes, coughs or sniffles, a flash of horror passes through me.

And the looks on the faces of people I see nearby confirm that I am not the only one having this thought.

This is a weird and disconcerting feeling.

To want to shy away from other people.

It feels incredibly unnatural.

And I don’t like it.

We humans are wired to thrive on interactions.

We need connection to survive.

We need people in our lives.

This isolation, that is temporarily necessary,

is likely to be very trying for all of us.

And although we need to keep our physical distance,

It doesn’t mean that we need to lose our sense of community, connection and compassion.

If we are going to get through this period with our sanity intact,

We all need to keep in touch and be there for each other.

Of course, group chats and digital communities are a life line.

But don’t just hide behind text messages.

Reach out and call people.

Set up regular virtual coffees, lunches and catch-ups.

Have a virtual house party (really, get the house party app – so fun!)

And don’t forget the more vulnerable in the community – the people who live alone.

They will need this connection more than anyone.

Put them on your call list too.

So as we all retreat into our separate homes,

let’s not forget we are part of a community.

And that the best way for us to get through all this,

Is together.

Stay healthy.

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