What is going on in your brain?

As I sit down to write this weekly missive, it is hard to think about anything else other than the looming coronavirus crisis and the imploding financial markets.

Panic is in the air.

Easily seen with a quick glance down the aisles of the supermarket

(particularly the loo roll aisle ?)

and by looking at pretty much any source of news.

It is hard to be upbeat and bouncy when things are looking so bleak.

It is hard to keep a clear head when everything around you seems to be going wrong.

But it is at times like these that I realise how important it is to apply all the tools and skills I teach,

Particularly the practice of awareness.

Of, course, it is easy to be calm and keep a clear head when times are good

It is wonderful to be aware when you are happy and excited.

It is not so wonderful when you are scared and feeling doom and gloom.

It is easy to let thoughts and feelings spiral, and spiral.

In times like these, it is even more important to check in with yourself than ever.

To listen to the stories that you are repeating over and over in your mind.

How much of it is based on fact?

How much of it is drama created by fear and confusion?

That is not to say that you need to ignore your thoughts and feelings,

Or try to be positive all the time.

Sometimes, it is not the time to be positive.

But it is always the time to be real.

To sort the fact from fiction, the math from the drama.

To find out how much of your feelings are created by reality

and how much by the stories you are telling yourself. (which you know are all optional).

I am not telling you to put your head in the sand,

but what I am saying is that it will be incredibly helpful to acknowledge this one thing……….

All the feelings you are having right now, are created by your own thoughts,

Not by the circumstances that surround you.

And you have control over those thoughts.

You want to check in with that brain of yours and see what is going on.

Because it is never helpful to be overtaken by a tornado of doubt, confusion and worry.

And it is never a good idea to make decisions when your mind is awhirl and your emotions are in turmoil.

Take a some deep breaths, centre yourself and look around.

Close your eyes and for a couple of minutes, be still.

It is from a place of calm that you will find your direction.

There is always a way forward.

There are always solutions.

You just have to help your brain slow down and clear up enough for you to see them.

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