Don’t forget to say YES!

There’s a lot of talk these days about learning to say “NO”

About setting boundaries and defining what you are and aren’t comfortable with.

And although this is incredibly important,

and is a core concept that I work on with many of my clients,

It can also be taken a step or two, too far.

Because, at times, it is more important to remember to say “YES”.

To say YES to new opportunities.

YES to challenges

YES to life.

Often it is really, really tempting to stay nice and cosy in your comfort zone,

And rely on NO to keep you safe and sound.

To skip that party that you tell yourself won’t be fun.

To miss that meeting that you think will be a snore.

To bail out on the event where you don’t know anyone.

But who might you have met?

What might you have learned?

What experience did you miss out on?

Because you said NO.

The more you get into the habit of saying YES,

The more you put yourself on the radar for bigger things,

The more connections you make

The more things you learn.

The more obstacles you overcome.

The more you get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The more possibilities that begin to open up.

The more you start to say YES,

The more life will start to say YES, right on back to you.

So although it is important to safe guard your boundaries with a prudent NO every now and then.

Don’t forget to say YES,

Because on the other side of YES, lies all the growth and opportunity.

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