Are you listening?

Here’s something to pay attention to this week.

How well do you listen?

I mean really listen.

I know that we all think we are listening,

But more often than not, our brain is actually somewhere else.

Jumping around thinking our own stuff.

It is so easy to lose focus.

‘Look at those cute shoes”

“Is that a stain on his shirt?”

“Did I remember to lock the door?”

Even when we are trying to listen, our brains have a habit of skipping into thinking mode.

We try to anticipate what the person is going to say.

“I know what you are going to say next”

We try to find patterns “I see where you are going with this”

and jump to conclusions.

We look for discrepancies and places we disagree.“Really…….?”

And when this happens, we are not truly listening,

We are preparing our response.

Rehearsing in our head what we are going to say in return.

And just like that, the conversation is no longer about the person speaking,

But about us instead.

We are no longer listening.

Just waiting our turn to speak.

And that is a very different thing.

It is hard to be a good listener.

To suspend the ego and be there 100% for another person.

But with practice and awareness you can definitely get better.

Like anything, good listening is a skill.

One that is worth the effort.

It will expand your capacity for empathy and understanding.

Vastly improve your relationships

And you will be amazed at the things that you can learn.

In this world where so few people truly listen, good listeners stand out.

What could you do to be a better listener?

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