We all make hundreds (if not thousands!) of decisions every day.

Think of the decisions you have made so far today.

Here’s my list.

Whether to stay in bed an extra five minutes or so.

Should I wake my boys, or let them sleep in a little.

Should I give the cat chicken or salmon for breakfast.

What am I going to write this Monday Mindset email about.

And the list could go on and on and on.

When you get to thinking about it, it is amazing the amount of decisions,

Both small and large, you make every single day.

And who knows which of those will end up being the ones of consequence.

Making decisions causes stress and uses up brain energy.

And funnily enough, the little decisions appear to take up as much neural power as the big ones.

Think of all the energy likely wasted on insignificant decisions every day,

Brain power that could be otherwise used thinking about the important stuff.

With all these decisions going on from the moment we wake,

our power to make effective, useful decisions, gets depleted pretty quickly.

The quality of our choices deteriorates as the day goes on.

We have all heard of decision fatigue.

The consequences of this can be enormous.

And a lot of the time we are making the same decisions over and over again.

Which is crazy, because the effort to make a decision once,

is the same again and again, each time for thousands of similar decisions.

So why not just make a decision once, and stick to it?

For example

How much easier is it to decide that you will exercise on a daily basis,

Rather than to make that decision anew each day?

How much easier to say, I won’t eat junk food,

Rather than to prevaricate over every donut and chocolate bar?

There is huge freedom that comes from making a single definitive commitment.

So don’t be afraid to make long standing decisions and rules for yourself.

They might appear rigid from the outside,

but in truth, they are incredibly freeing.

Do you find yourself making the same decisions over and over again?

Why not make that decision once and for all.

Go all in and commit.

Give it a try.

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That’s it – first step towards the life you want, DONE.

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