Can you feel it? Are you letting your emotions get the better of you?

Nobody likes feeling negative emotion.

Who wants to feel angry or sad or frustrated or disappointed.

Not me, and I’m guessing, not you.

So what do we do when one arises.

Generally one of three things.

We resist it, 

Avoid it,

Or feed it.

The last thing we try and do is actually feel it.

To let it be and allow it.

We don’t want to feel bad, even for a moment.

We are afraid that we might not be able to handle it.

That it will overwhelm us.

But the lifespan of an emotion in your body and your brain is only around ….

90 seconds.

Which sounds incredible I know but,

If you can let the emotion pass through 

Without feeding it with your stories,

Or without trying to control it through distraction.

It will be gone before you know it.

90 seconds!

Now I know this is not easy,

But with practice it is possible.

I hear you asking…. But how, Georgia?

The key, of course, is self awareness.

First you need to acknowledge you are feeling the emotion, then

Separate the raw energy of the emotion from your thoughts about it.

Don’t think about what you are feeling.

Feel what you are feeling.

Observe what is happening in your body.

A tightness in the chest, a churning stomach, heat, tension.

Emotions are vibrations in your body.

Watch closely enough and you will see the emotion change shape

And eventually dissipate.

Gone, without drama, just awareness.

Negative emotion is not a fixed reality.

It will pass like everything else.

So don’t fight them, let them be, then let them go.

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