It doesn’t matter what you are trying to accomplish in life

You are always playing two simultaneous games.

The INNER game and the OUTER GAME.

Now, we are all very familiar with the outer game.

It involves the external obstacles and challenges we need to overcome

As well as the skills we need to develop.

We master the outer game through, training, practicing, reading.

The external game is visible, tangible and easy for us to get our heads around

And as such, we spend a lot of time focusing on the outer game.

BUT …….. the outer game can only take you so far.

To reach your maximum potential, something more is needed.

You need to master the INNER GAME.

That is…. To have the self- confidence, calm and presence

to let your inner potential shine through.

Now, the inner game is a little trickier to get the hang of than the outer game.

It is ephemeral and elusive.

Because the only thing you need to overcome in the inner game is your very own self.

And we can be pretty tough opponents,

Full of self doubt.

Worries and regrets

And a strong tendency to complicate, criticise and judge.

More often than not, we create more obstacles for ourselves in our inner worlds than exist in the outer world.

How crazy is that?

So how to play, and win the inner game?

Well, you might logically jump to the conclusion that to master the inner game

You need to do a lot of positive thinking about yourself.

Boost yourself up, repeat some helpful mantras.

Focus on what you are doing right.

But positive thinking is not the way.

After all this is just another form of judgement.

And, this is not the way to win the inner game

The key to the inner game lies in being present.

Not in deciding whether you are doing good or bad.

You need to let go of all judgment,

And get into the moment,

The flow,

The zone.

And not let your brain distract you.

Be open to what is, instead of what you think should be.

And know that you have what it takes, if you can just let go.

So, drop the judgement and worry.

Instead get curious, watch yourself in the moment

And let your brain be still.

Trust yourself, and get out of your own way.

You have the potential to be so much more than you may believe.

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