It is that time of year when it is super helpful to take a step back and do a stocktake.

A yearly review to see how life is tracking.

Usually when we do this, we naturally tend to focus on the big stuff that did (or didn’t) happen.

A new job

A new baby

A new car or house.

A business success.

A long awaited trip

A blossoming relationship

A financial windfall.

It’s easy to get excited and be grateful about the big things that happen.

These things stand out.

How much did you accomplish and achieve?

How many new things did you do?

Most yearly reviews focus on this.

And if you don’t accomplish or achieve what you had hoped, life can seem a bit lacklustre or disappointing.

And then we beat ourselves up –

Another year that we let slip through our fingers.

But you know what?

As exciting and important as the big things are, the happiness and gratitude you feel when they happen is only fleeting. 

A quick high, before you are back to reality again.

And as important as it is to shoot for and achieve your goals and dreams.

I think a review that focuses on only the big stuff misses the point.

Life is made up of so much more than these highlights.

It is the little day to day things that make up the fabric of who you are and how good you feel.

Added up together, it is the little things that create the happiness, the joy and wellbeing you feel.

But our brain doesn’t always notice these things, they don’t seem as important as the big stuff.

But, of course, they are – even more so.

So as you reflect back on your year,

Dig a little deeper

Take some time to appreciate and feel gratitude for all the details of your life.

Those small moments, the smiles and laughter.

The view from your window, the comfort of your bed.

The people in your life.

The fact that you are here, to breathe and experience it all.

Have a great week.

Georgia xx

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