Positive thinking often gets a bad wrap,

And for some good reasons.

It’s not really helpful to try to spin a bad story into a good one.

It leads to suppressing feelings and denying reality

A bit like an ostrich putting its head in the sand.

It doesn’t work in the long run.

And can actually end up making things worse.

But a positive mindset DOES WORK.

In fact it can transform your life.

Instead of positive thinking (trying to find ways to make negative things seem rosier)

You want to work towards positive focus.

After all life is 50/ 50.

A balance of both positive and negative.

The light and dark, happy and sad, exciting and boring, easy and frustrating.

There is always some good stuff going on

And some bad stuff going on.

Look hard enough and you will always find something to be annoyed, or irritated, or angry about.

You could, of course, spend your whole time getting worked up over those things.

It is easy to get stuck in a negative loop,

but it will do nothing for your mood, or your life.

Equally, if you look, there are always some good things going on in life too.

Things to be grateful for, things to smile about.

Why not focus on those instead?

Both the good things and the bad things are equally valid.

They are both part of your life.

So why concentrate on the bad?

Why not spend more time on the good?

Shift your attention to more positive aspects and you will completely shift the way you feel.

(because your thoughts create your feelings)

Shift the way you feel and you will start to shift the way you act in the world.

Do this and the world will open up to you in ways you might never have expected.

At the end of the day, thinking about the bad stuff in your life, is no more valid than thinking about the good things,

So why do people spend so much time on the negative?

I don’t know.

But not me.

My focus is on the positive. All that I have, and all that I can achieve and experience.

I am excessively grateful, every single day.

How about you?

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