Or meaningful coincidences.

When an event in the outside world coincides with something going on in your inner world.

A cross talk between mind and matter.

Signs, symbols, pointers, messages.

A phone call from a friend you were just thinking about.

A song on the radio that has the answer to a dilemma you are facing.

A chance seating at a dinner that opens a longed for opportunity.

I love the idea of synchronicity.

The universe sending me little private messages to inspire me on my way.

Now I know it is not very scientific,

You could just call it plain old, coincidence, I suppose.

Seeing patterns in random, meaningless data.

But if you let that go, synchronicity can be so fun and helpful.

And the more you are open to it, the more it seems to pop up. 


Like little tea lights, guiding you towards your destiny.

And whether they are a signal from the universe or random coincidence,

I don’t think it really matters.

Life is what we make of it, the thoughts and meaning we imbue it with.

If being open to synchronicity leads to insights and the confidence to step into your dreams,

I think we should use it.

Be open to possibility.

Be open to the flow.

Clear your mind and keep an eye out for your universal postman.

As Carl Jung said “Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see it”

S o why not keep and eye out and see what happens when you let synchronicity guide you.

It could be so exciting.

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