As hard as it is to sit on your hands and do nothing,

sometimes the best action is inaction.

Waiting and letting time do its thing,

To work its magic.

I think we often underestimate the power of time to heal,

For things to right themselves,

For the path to open before us when the time is right.

We underestimate how strong and capable people can be given the chance.

And how situations will remedy given the space and the time.

We are so quick to jump in and try to fix things, do to something, to save the day.


And we don’t always think the consequences of our actions through.

Because it feels so right to DO something and we want to help.

There are reasons we feel like this of course.

Firstly we are all so impatient these days.

Our world has been set up so that everything is on demand.

We expect to get something when we want it and not a second later.

We see a problem and we immediately expect, or want to provide, a solution.

Our world is full of a lot of NOW.

Secondly the reward system in our society is a bit messed up.

Because we only ever reward the doers, the fixers, the saviours.

Where are the prizes for being patient and letting things resolve on their own?

It is much harder, if not impossible, to gain acknowledgement or credit for what you do not do.

Isn’t it?

The doctor who saves a patient from an invasive surgery will not receive the same kudos (or pay) as the one who operates and makes the surgery look indispensable.

The employee who saves their company from a loss will not get the same bonus as the one who makes the company a large windfall.

The parent who stands by and watches their kids make their own mistakes so they can grow up resilient and strong.

This kind of inaction mostly goes unnoticed.

We don’t praise someone for avoiding a calamity or letting nature take its course.

It is hard to find a hero who saved the world with their patience.

But the truth is, even though action is an important part of the success process,

And there is much to be said for being proactive most of the time,

sometimes letting things take care of themselves, doing nothing, is the best thing to do.

As a doer and a mover I struggle with this often.

But I know that I have to trust in nature and the flow of life.

To accept things as they are and be ready to watch and wait.

I need to have faith in the people around me and let go of the need to fix everything.

The Romans had a great expression ‘festina lente’ – make haste slowly.

Great advice.

Don’t be complacent but be considered.

Don’t act rashly and when no action is needed,

Be content to just let things be.

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