I know I have been talking a lot about maths and science lately,

But these are the analogies that keep popping into my head.

Maybe it is because my sons are currently studying for end of year exams,

I don’t know.

Anyway here is another little equation for you.


Which of course is obvious.

If you run your car all week long and don’t put any petrol in, what will happen?

It will run down – actually stop going completely.

If you keep taking money out of the ATM machine without topping up your bank account

….well you know what happens there.

Yet how often do we apply this principle to our day to day life?

Do you ever stop to think about how much is going out, compared to what is coming in?

Do you stop to ask why you are feeling so tired and stressed?

It is not just because of all the things you have to do, although of course this is part of it,

it is because you are not putting anything back in.

You are not refuelling.

You are not giving yourself the rest, the good food, the fun.

Think about your to-do list,

How long is that?

Now think of a list of nice, good things you are doing for yourself,

How long is that?

Does your equation balance out?

I am guessing it probably doesn’t, it won’t for most people.

It is hard to prioritise those nourishing inputs,

Especially when our society is so focused on output.

What we can achieve,

How much we can get done in a day.

How ‘busy’ we are.

Doing things for yourself can seem like frivolous luxury.

So maybe we need to flip the equation on its head

And aim for something far more sustainable (and enjoyable).


That is where we should all be at.

In that place where your inputs fuel your outputs, and give you the energy to create your best life.

And of course the more you put in, the more you will get out.

The more you nourish the more energy you will have to succeed.

So this week as you go about business as usual,

Have a think about your inputs versus your outputs.

Could you make some adjustments to balance things out?

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