A state of inertia.

Often accompanied by feelings of frustration, helplessness and hopelessness.

Unable to move forwards, backwards, sidewards or any which ways.

Being stuck sucks.

Yet so many people spend a lot of their life in this place.


Not really enjoying what they are doing now, but seeing no way out.

Dreaming of something different, but not believing that it is possible for them.

We’ve definitely all been there, you might be in that place right now.

Let me show you how to get out.

When you think about it, being stuck is just physics.

There are forces pushing you forwards, the reasons and urges that make you want to change – these are your driving forces.

And then…

There are those things that are holding you back from making headway.

Obstacles both internal and external – these are your restraining forces.

Here’s a little picture I drew for you to help explain (sorry about my terrible drawing).

So as you can see, in order to get unstuck, and move forwards, your driving forces need to be greater than your restraining forces.

Now, of course, one way to do this, is to increase your driving forces,

To put greater pressure on yourself to push ahead.

But you probably have enough of those already.

And this is hard, often fruitless work.

A much easier way to create change and get unstuck is to look on the other side of the equation, at the restraining forces.

Ask yourself “ What is holding me back?

Why aren’t I making the changes I want already?”

And you will uncover your restraining forces.

Write yourself a list.

Then ask ….

“How could I eliminate just one of these?”

If you can start to remove even one, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant,

you will begin to tip the balance of forces in favour of progress.

You will see movement.

You will create the momentum for change.

Very soon you will see you are no longer stuck, you will be going somewhere.

Then do it again, tweak one little thing.

Let gravity work in your favour and change will begin to happen automatically.

It’s physics ……

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