I have to admit that I was one of those people who liked maths in school.

This drives my sons crazy (they do NOT like maths)

I loved the certainty of it, the black and white.

I loved how you can see it everywhere, in nature, in music, in art.

One of the concepts that I love most,

and try to leverage to my advantage every day,

is the compound effect.

Incremental changes made consistently over time that lead to (seemingly disproportionately) large results.

i.e. tiny changes, done regularly, lead to big things.

If you want to get into the maths of it all,

if you were to improve at something by just 1% a day,

in one year you would be 3700% better.

Yep, 37 times better than when you started.

That is the immense power of compounding.

I think all too often we wait around for the big opportunity, or the grand gesture.

When it is the little things that really make the difference.

Over time the insignificant becomes SIGNIFICANT.

Consistency and persistence get you where you want to go.

Now you can leverage the compound effect for good.

Taking tiny small positive actions that will lead to a big win in the future.

And this is awesome, so fun to implement in your life

But ……

of course, the compound effect works just as well on our bad habits too,

Leading us to places we would probably rather not be.

If you clean your house just a little bit every single day, it will add up.

If you don’t clean your house at all every day, it will add up.

If you choose healthy snacks you will see results in your body and energy levels.

If you choose to eat junk, you will see results too (but this time not so good).

Commit to regular, positive actions and you will reap huge rewards.

Take regular negative actions, and I think you can see where that is going to go.

Anything you do every day becomes significant,

Even if it is just for a minute, even if it is just a bite.

Over time everything adds up.

So I think it is worth taking the time to investigate whether you are using the compound effect to increase the things you want in your life or increase those you don’t.

Think about yesterday, or last week.

What are those things that you do every day, the little choices that you make?

How are they adding up?Do you like it?

Are they taking you down a path you want to be walking?

What are some things that you would like to accomplish or achieve?

What are some micro actions that you could take every single day in order to get there?

Start doing those today.

In a year you will look back amazed at where those tiny steps have taken you.

Told you maths was cool!

Have a great week.

Georgia xx

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