How long do you hold a grudge for?

How long do you stay stressed and frustrated or angry when someone annoys you

or life isn’t going your way?

For most people the answer can be …

Quite a long time.Too long, most likely.

But did you know that scientific evidence shows

That the life span of any single emotion is no longer than one and a half minutes.

Yep, 90 seconds … that’s it.

Anger, frustration, stress, worry, sadness, fear …..

All of them, if left to their natural life span will only last around 90 seconds

at the most.

But negative feelings like these seem to go on for SO MUCH LONGER,

Don’t they?

To keep these emotions alive and kicking they need fuel.

And the fuel that they thrive on is your internal conversations.

The stories you tell yourself – your thoughts.

Which is amazing news if you think about it.

Because who is in charge of those thoughts?


Which means you are in charge of how you feel too.

You can fuel the fire of negative emotion or you can let it die out.

You don’t need to be stressed, or angry, or frustrated or overwhelmed

For any longer than 90 seconds if you don’t want to.

You can let it all pass.

And that is not to say that you ignore your emotions, or don’t deal with the underlying reason why they arose.

Your emotions are your alert system to pay attention.

But instead of stewing, acknowledge the emotion,

feel it,

let it go,

then decide what you want to do about it.

So much better to make decisions and take actions from a place of calm and awareness.

And how much nicer to live a life free of all that extra angst and frustration?

Who needs it?

Not me, and I am guessing not you.

Are you tired of spinning your wheels, wishing things would happen and not quite sure why they aren’t?

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