Pay attention! Don’t waste your time.

Life = Time

(profound, I know ?!)

Everything we experience is made up of moments of time.

And we all know that time is our most precious resource.

We all feel like we never have enough and would definitely like as much as we can get.

And yet…..

We spend it so recklessly.

Spending it on things we don’t value.

Spending it on things we don’t even want to do.

But almost worse, not evening noticing when we are spending it.

Last week I wrote about letting go of the myth that you don’t have enough time and

how you should stop worrying about not having enough and start thinking about how you are spending it instead.

(if you missed it, you can check it out here )

And today I wanted to take it just one step further and talk about time and your attention.

Because time is on only valuable if you are actually paying attention to what you are doing.

It doesn’t matter how well you have allocated your time if you aren’t actually ‘present’ when you are using it.

Too often we are distracted.

Our minds wander.

Our phones beckon.

And before you know it the moment is gone, you missed it.

Lost, while you were somewhere else.

You could be sitting on a beautiful beach, holding hands with the love or your life enjoying the sunshine – but if your busy thinking about problems at work, or the kids, or anything else – well you might as well not even be there. You might as well be back in the office.

You could be chatting to your best friend on the phone, but if you are sending an email at the same time, or thinking about what you are going to have for lunch – you aren’t there, you aren’t connecting.

Even when we are doing things that we ostensibly want to do,

we have a tendency to let our minds stray

to thoughts about the past, thoughts about the future,

to ruminate and worry, to brood and plan…..

so much so that more often than not we miss the actual present.

Time squandered.

Because time is only meaningful if your mind is there, in the moment, with you.

So today I challenge you to not just pay attention to how you spend your time but pay attention …..


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