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Dreams, deadlines and running a bath.

It’s Sunday night,

It has been a long, and good weekend

And I have just started to run a bath. 

I am very much looking forward to taking a few moments for myself.

I am pretty tired.

But I still have this Monday Mindset post to write.

I have been putting it off all weekend.

Sometimes ideas for these emails come to me in minutes, 

Sometimes they take hours or even days to mull over.

Tonight I have about 10 minutes.

Because I have set myself a deadline.

I am going to have this email done by the time that bath is ready.

And to really commit myself to this deadline ——

I am not letting myself turn the bath off until this is done!

If I don’t act quickly it’s gonna get messy.

You know it’s amazing what committing to a firm deadline can do for you.

It spurs you into motion.

It gets your brain turning over.

Suddenly ideas and solutions start to appear.

You become super effective and productive.

Excuses vanish.

You take action.

In my opinion, deadlines are one of the big keys to getting stuff done.

As Napoleon Hill said –  “ A goal is just a dream with a deadline”

So if you have been procrastinating on a dream.

Maybe it is time to create some URGENCY.

Start your own bath running……

Put the excuses aside, don’t give yourself an option.

And set yourself a deadline, 

And if you want some accountability, just drop a comment below and let me know what it is you are going to do and WHAT IS YOUR DEADLINE?

(Accountability – another big key to getting stuff done 😀)

Must dash – I think my bath is pretty full….. and post all done! 

Yep, deadlines work.

Have a great week

Georgia xx

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