I know most of us have a to-do list.

You might be super organised and have a special sparkly book, or perhaps you write it in your calendar or on your phone.

Maybe you are a bit more haphazard and just write hopeful notes on scraps of paper.

Whichever way you do it, the idea is to keep you on track and making the most of your time.

Which is good – but have you ever thought about looking at things from the opposite perspective.

Have you ever thought about a TO-DON’T list?

We spend so much time worrying about all the things that we do want to do, that we lose track of all the things we are doing that we don’t want to do.

But these things are sucking away our precious time.

By making a to-don’t list I bet you would be able to free up a whole heap of time in and create space for doing the things that you really enjoy.

Instead of looking at the things you can do to make your life better – take a look at the things you could STOP doing that would make your life better.

Here are a few that I am putting on my to-don’t list:

Don’t start my day looking at my computer or phone: this is a terrible habit that I know a lot of us fall into.Even just looking at my phone to check the time can lead me down a rabbit hole that I don’t look up from for 10 minutes or so.

Don’t spend time finishing books that I don’t love: there are so many amazing and interesting books out there that I don’t want to waste any of my time reading something that I don’t really enjoy.

Don’t look at social media while I am working -so distracting! and not helping my productivity at all.

Don’t automatically say yes to every opportunity – take time to make sure an opportunity worth the time and energy. I have learned this one the hard way, sometimes things just aren’t worth doing.

Don’t spend energy arguing – what’s the point, life is too short.


I just asked my husband what he would put on his To-Don’t list and he said NOTHING


Which just about says it all (I could think of plenty of things to go on that list ) – but I am not going to spend any time arguing about that!

What would you put on your To-Don’t list?

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