Sometimes waiting is a good thing – and why I love my kettle

See this kettle?

It is my sons’ biggest pet peeve.

They hate this kettle, they have spent years trying to get rid of it.

They say it is too slow, they say it is stupid.

They think I am stupid for making us use it when I could so easily buy an electric kettle that would boil water in a minute (instead of the 7 or 8 minutes our kettle takes on the stove)

Maybe they are right, 

but the kettle REMAINS.


Because it is a reminder to me (and I hope to my family!), that not everything in life needs to be done at warp speed.

That it is OK to take your time, to be leisurely and to not always be in a rush.

That kettle provides a lesson in patience and opens a small window in time, just to be.

When my sons emerge from their bedrooms to make a cup of coffee or tea, they stop and chat with me for the time the kettle takes to boil.

Small things I know, but we mother’s of teens need to grab every second we can get.

That slow boiling kettle gives us time to connect, and that is precious.

Awareness, mindfulness and connection – all from a stove top kettle.

It just shows, it really can be the little things in life that provide the small pleasures, the stolen minutes, the moments of stillness.

So, as old fashioned as it may be, the kettle remains.

Do you have a touchstone like my kettle, if so, what is it?

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