Shopping? Keep your values in mind.

I am big on the idea of living by your values.

Making decisions based on things that are important to you,

rather than worrying about convention or what other people think.

I am usually pretty good at this, but Christmas can be a challenge,

those retailers and advertisers are GOOD at their job, right?

Yesterday I spent a few hours battling the Christmas shopping crowds.

I started off the day with optimistic Christmassy spirit,

but within about 30 seconds this was smashed.

So much tat, plastic junk, one-minute-wonder type gifts.

(did you know around 75% of Christmas gifts go unused… don’t get me started!)

It was awful, and the blaring Christmas carols weren’t helping.

And yet…

I still found myself filling my basket with a lot of that junk.

I started to feeling very uneasy, even queasy.


Was it overwhelm from the noise, lights and endless decisions?

Nope, it was because I was going against my values, and deep down I knew it.

This was not what I wanted Christmas to be about.

So you know what I did.

I put everything back (sorry sons)

And started again, this time shopping with intention and my values in mind.

Now for sure, the pile under the Christmas tree will be smaller this year

but it doesn’t matter.

Because, for me, what matters is spending time with with my gorgeous boys and the rest of my family – cooking, eating, laughing together.

And doing it all in a way that isn’t thoughtless or wasteful.

It is so easy to get swept away in the Christmas hype and expectations.

All the worry and stress of trying to put on the “perfect” Christmas.

But before you get too overwhelmed with it all (and this is so easy)

Why not stop to consider what is really most important to you this Christmas, and what can you do to support these values.

Chances are it won’t hinge on baking six types of Christmas cookies or buying loads of obligatory gifts.

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?

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