Why you need to decide

Why you need to just DECIDE!

I found myself dithering a LOT this past week.

It was disconcerting and annoying.

I spent way too much time umming and ahhing between potential topics for a workshop I am launching soon. It took up my brain space for almost the whole week.

In the time it took me to decide between ideas, I probably could have written up entire workshops about all of them.

So it was silly, really.

And counterproductive to say the least.

I should have just picked something and moved on.


But that is what happens when you are indecisive.

It sucks up your time.

It keeps you stuck.

It keeps you from taking action.

Do you know what I mean?


Indecision keeps you confused.

And that stops you from getting on with your life

And THAT stops you from ultimately getting what you want.


I get it, decision making can be tough.

We worry about what we might miss out on.

We worry that we are going to make the wrong decision.


But really, there are no wrong decisions.

It’s all just life – sometimes good, sometimes not.

We learn from everything that we try or do – whether is succeeds or not.

And that is progress, that is growth.


Doing something is so much better than being stuck in limbo, every time.


Whether you are in confusion over something big or small – the solution is the same:

Make a decision and move on.

Don’t second guess yourself, be confident and back yourself.


I’m not saying you should be hasty, or that you shouldn’t weigh up your options.

But face any decision head- on, straightaway.

Begin whatever decision making process you use – whether it be a pro’s and con’s list, sleeping on it or tossing a coin.


Then make decision and STICK TO IT.


All decision are made in an instant – the rest is just prevarication and procrastination.


Now I have a lot of decision making tools and techniques, but far too many for me to cover in this brief blog post.

So here is my biggest tip when it comes to making a decision.


This will only keep you stuck.


Replace it with something like “I am figuring it out” or “I will know soon enough”

And you will be surprised with the magic your brain starts to come up with.

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