Everything is a choice – you don’t HAVE to do anything!

It’s all too easy to dismiss an idea as just semantics.

But I think NOTHING is just semantics.

Words are powerful.

Words shape our thoughts,

which in turn create the world we see in front of us.

Think about the difference to approaching a task or a goal with the thought of

“I have to do this” …….instead of

“I choose to do this”

Just swapping out that one word from HAVE to CHOOSE, can change everything.

It doesn’t change the circumstances – It doesn’t change what you need to do

BUT it does give you the POWER – to control and shape your life.

When you feel you HAVE to do something, you drag your feet and feel resentful.

On the other hand, when you CHOOSE to do something, you take ownership and can harness your energy and enthusiasm to get the job done.

When you CHOOSE something it is because you want the outcome to happen.

For example – you might feel that you HAVE to do the laundry.

If this is a chore that falls to you, like me, you probably don’t like doing it that much. (who does, right?)

You can look at it two ways….

It can be a chore you HAVE to do, because well who else is going to do it – this will probably make you feel resentful at the time you need to spend doing it. And it is definitely going to raise some negative vibes.

But you don’t HAVE to do the laundry. You could CHOOSE not to.

You could just wear dirty clothes, or you could go out and buy some new ones .

If you are doing the laundry I am guessing it is because you want to have clean clothes, and you want your family to have clean clothes.

When you see it this way, you can see that doing the laundry is a choice and if you like clean clothes, it is likely something that you would choose to do.

Now I know this is just a silly example – but the same logic can be applied to EVERYTHING.

Because at the end of the day, whether you believe it or not, everything in life is a choice.

Choosing to mother your children, stay with your partner, clean the house, take care of aging parents, go to work, pay bills……

They are all choices

And when you see this – understand it, and then take ownership of the things you do, and choices you make, you will start to see the purpose in all you do.

Now maybe this will lead you to make some changes, or maybe it won’t

But it will definitely lead to an increased energy, enthusiasm and acceptance of everything you do.

And that is a gift.

If you would like some help on changing the way you look at tasks and chores, I have put together a quick exercise for you which can really help.  Just click the button below and it is all yours.

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