take the time to pause

Take the time to pause

If you are anything like me, your day is a whirlwind of activity.

You spend your time racing from one task to the next, one conversation to the next, over and over until the day is done.

By the end of the day time has flown by so quickly.

It is difficult to put your finger on where the time went, or even if you particularly enjoyed it.

It all becomes a bit of a blur

A blur because you were never really present.

You were so busy thinking ahead to the next thing you had to do, and the one after that.

That you paid little attention to what you were actually doing in the NOW.

Just think….

How often do you stop to pause between one thing you are doing and the next?

To take a breath, recalibrate, and just be….

So few of us take the time for these quiet moments, these heart beats of being present.

In the busyness of the day – we forget,

In any case it can seem unnecessary – a waste of precious time…. to pause…..

But it is these pauses that will expand our time and make our days so much more meaningful.

You might be thinking…

“How could such a small thing as taking a minute or even 30 seconds between tasks make a difference?”

But it does.

The difference is HUGE.

Because it is in these moments of pause, when you give stillness a chance to arise

That you have a chance to look inwards instead of outwards

To bring more presence and connection into the everyday moments of your life.



So today, why not give it a try?

Pause, just for a few moments, as many times as you can remember to do so.

In fact why not start now?

When you finish reading this blog post, stop, take a breath and just be still for a moment or two before you flick to your email, or jump on over to facebook or close your computer to attend to whatever is next on the to-do.

Just be for a few moments, without the need to do anything, just be… then quietly move on.

Do this as many times as you can, as you go on with your day.

It is so worth the effort.

You will notice the difference.

Let me know

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