Everyday connections make us better

Love can be many things.
Romantic love, familial love, friendship, compassion
But what it all comes down to is that
love is about connection.
Those moments of warm, positive feelings that we share with another living being.
And the more of them we have, the better.
They make us feel good
They even make us healthier – live longer.

A connection is more than just a warm, fuzzy feeling.
When you connect with someone your heart rhythms come into sync, your biochemistries come into sync, even your brains come into sync.
You share a moment of emotion, rolling across two bodies and brains.
It’s amazing.
Each connection not only makes you feel good
but increases your body’s ability to slow your heart rate and even regulate inflammation and glucose levels.
Smiling at someone can be like a mini-tune up for your heart – and theirs.

The best news of all is that these connections don’t have to be some grand sweeping gesture of love.
They don’t need to be profound or deeply meaningful.
You don’t need a romantic partner, or children to love.

All you need are micro-moments of connection.
And you can have these with anyone.
Laughing with a friend, smiling at a baby, giving someone a big hug.
That’s all you need to do – it is that simple.

Think about how many moments you have each day when you could make these kinds of connections.
How many do you actually take advantage of?
Every interaction is an opportunity to increase not only your own wellbeing but someone else’s too.
So take them…
Get out there and smile at some babies, say a kind word, hold a hand, give a hug.
Start sharing the love…
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