what is a life coach anyway - georgia bamber

When I tell people I am a life coach more often than not I get a blank stare – sometimes a rye smile. It is one of those professions that at best no one really understands or at worst they think of as some pseudo-quasi-therapy substitute undertaken by people without any real credentials.

But when done well, life coaching is an incredible tool that everybody could benefit from.

It is a profession that I am excited to be a part of and that is because my job is awesome. Every day I get to help people achieve their goals, make their dreams happen and take their lives to places they never thought possible.

I think if people knew what life coaching is and the extraordinary difference it can make to their life – EVERYONE would be clamouring for one. It really is that good.

How so?

Having a life coach can help you accomplish your goals in a way that is faster, more efficient and economical than you could do on your own.
A good coach can help you improve performance, develop potential, find solutions, improve relationships and help you find direction.

In short – they can help you transform your life in sensational ways.
Sound like something you could use?

Well, let me tell you what life coaching is all about.

In essence, a life coach is a personal trainer…. for YOUR LIFE.

In a gym you might hire a personal trainer to help you meet your fitness goals – maybe to lose some weight, get fit or to train for an event. The trainer will help you choose a suitable goal. They will assess your fitness level (your strengths and weaknesses) and help you develop a plan that will get you to your end goal. Then they will keep you accountable and moving towards that goal in a systematic and consistent way. This process has, time and again, been shown to get remarkable results.

A life coach does the same thing – but the goals you work towards are those that you have for your life – personal or business.

Coaches are experts in the achievement process and use their professional training and mindset to help you reach your goals in the most efficient, effective and rewarding way possible.

There are so many ways that a life coach can help you – here are a few common ones:
• clarify goals and finding purpose – identify values and passions
• break through fears and obstacles blocking your path to success
• create the right environment for you to make positive changes
• decide on a new career or business
• start and grow a business
• find happiness and enjoy life more
• improve relationships or find love
• reach health and fitness goals
• make important life transitions
• build confidence, self-worth and self- esteem
• to get unstuck

Coaches will help take your life to a whole new trajectory in the following ways:

1 Identify and Clarify

A life coach will help you to identify and clarify your ideas and dreams and show you how to turn them into tangible, actionable goals. They will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses, martial your resources and turn passions into purpose. A coach will help you evaluate and reflect on your goals and make sure that the direction in which you are moving is going to get you to the place you want to be.

Unlike friends and family, coaches are also able to provide a completely impartial, unbiased and objective look at client goals and can thus help them to sift through and reframe their ideas in ways that can provide completely new solutions and actions.

2 Strategise

Once your goals and dreams are identified and outlined a coach will help you create a plan to get you moving towards your goal and making it happen. Together you will not only harness your strengths and resources but a coach will help you understand those fears and obstacles that have been holding you back from your potential. They will help you change unhelpful habits and bust through any roadblocks, thus setting you up for your greatest chance at success.

A coach will work with you to formulate a step by step action plan that will lead you to your goal.

3 Motivation and Accountability

Goal identified; plan in place: a coach’s job now is to keep you motivated, accountable and consistently moving towards your goal. A coach will keep you on track, give you a little nudge if you get stuck or stalled, cheer for you when you meet your milestones and then challenge you go get out there and do even more.
A coach is your trainer, your cheerleader and your accountability partner all rolled into one.

So who needs a coach?

Well of course nobody needs one – life will happen to you whatever you do. But if you want to be in achieving the biggest vision you have of your life, you might just want one.

If you want to find out how coaching could work for you – why not schedule a free consultation with me and experience the power of coaching first hand.

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