I love running workshops. It is always such a pleasure to have the opportunity to help many people and the energy these events bring is amazing.
If you are ready to jumpstart your life or make changes – join one of my workshops. Laugh, learn and share your journey with other like minded people who will inspire you and, for sure, be inspired by you too.

Workshops are run in Bowral, Sydney and Canberra as well as online.

Get Unstuck

A workshop to discover what you want & how to get it.

As time goes on we can find ourselves stuck in a rut – often a rut that we are not that happy in.
If you have that niggling feeling that things just aren’t quite right, or you know that you aren’t where you want to be – come to this workshop and learn how you an get UNSTUCK.

The Busyness Trap

And How to Cope with Overwhelm
Do you feel like you endlessly need to be doing something? Do you feel anxious if you are not making the “best” use of your time?
Sounds like you might be stuck in the ‘busyness trap’.

In today’s fast past world it seems we are always doing something. Its almost impossible to keep up with all the things that our culture tells us we need to do, want to do and should do. But we wear our ‘busyness’ like a badge or honour. It also means we don’t have to face what we are really thinking and feeling.
The problem is, all this busyness can lead to an awful sense of disconnection and overwhelm.
If you want to learn how to slow down and take on life in your own terms and at your own pace. This workshop is definitely for you.

Weight Loss Road Blocks

What’s stopping you from being the weight you want?
I know, it seems like you have tried everything and that the weight is NEVER going to come off. You might have tried a million diets, but unless you get to the underpinnings of your eating habits it is going to be very difficult, if not impossible to permanently lose weight. If you want to explore what is holding you back from a body you can love this is the workshop for you.

Business Brainstorm

Looking for an idea for your new dream business OR do you want to fine tune one you already have?
Then this is the perfect workshop for you.
We’ll get you fired up and thinking creatively and help you to match your passions, interests, skills and strengths to come up with the ideal business idea for you. This workshop is really exciting and energising. Jump on board!


Dreaming of some time out with the girls where you can relax, laugh, have some fun and JUST BE YOURSELF?
This is what my retreats are all about.

Everyone should have a coach to be their cheerleader, support and inspiration

Let me be yours.

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