Health Coaching

Imagine waking up every day full of energy and vitality
Imagine looking and feeling better than you have in years
Imagine losing weight and glowing with vitality
Imagine making the best choices for your health
Imagine adding years to your life and life to your years

STOP IMAGINING – you can make this happen

Let me help you

Without great health it is impossible to enjoy life to the full.  That is why I have made it such a priority in my own life. I have spent years studying and writing about the importance of the food we eat as well as becoming certified in plant based nutrition through Cornell University.   I am an endurance athlete Рcompeting mainly as an ultra runner and long course triathlete- as well as a yogi and mediation practitioner.

We will work towards finding fit and fabulous you in the following ways:

  • clarify your health/weight goals
  • explore your current health habits
  • discover the underlying issues that have been blocking you from success
  • learn how to create habits that stick
  • prove to you that being healthy does not equal being boring or missing out
  • show you how amazing being truly vibrant feels
  • devise a health plan that works for your lifestyle (we’ll look at food, exercise and self-care)

Once you know how great it feels to feel AWESOME – you will never look back.

Health Coaching

What’s included in the health coaching package?

  • Initial free 30 minute consultation
  • 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions
  • We meet in person or via Skype/phone
  • Email support throughout the coaching
  • Worksheets to help you meet your goals
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