Carbophobia – it’s time to end it

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Carbophobia is rampant Media, celebrities, and scientifically invalidated fad diets like Atkins, Zone and South Beach have perpetuated the myth that carbs are bad.  Of course everybody likes to hear that they can eat more fat but people have become so afraid of carbs that they avoiding eating healthy foods like fruit and whole grains. The public has just eaten … Read More

Smoothies vs Juices

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smoothies vs juices

    Smoothies can even be better than the whole foods While juicing removes the fibre and a lot of the polyphenol antioxidant goodness, blending your fruit and veg can actually enhance the nutritional benefits of foods. Carotenoid phytonutrients, like betacarotene and alpha carotene can exist as microscopic crystals trapped within the cell walls of plants.  These nutrients are only … Read More

Are your worried about the sugar in fruit?

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sugar in fruit

There has been a lot of concern in recent years about the place that fruit has in our diet.  Due to all the scaremongering in the media about carbs and sugars many people are now too scared to eat it. This is crazy.  We were designed to eat fruit.  Humans and pre-humans have been eating fruit for many, many millions … Read More

Beans, beans: good for your heart and more

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beans good for your heart

Beans, beans they’re good for your heart, the more you eat the more you….. Well you know how it goes! But don’t let the gas put you off.  Beans and other legumes are INCREDIBLY good for your health.  In fact they should be very near of the top of the list of foods you should eat every single day.  AND … Read More

Simple nutrition boosts to upgrade your diet

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nutrition boost hacks

We all want to be healthier – but not all of us are in a place where we can or even want to make sweeping changes to the way that we eat. Luckily there are a load of simple things that you can do which will instantly upgrade your diet without much effort at all.  By making a slightly different … Read More

Blender Love! Top tool for healthy eating

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optimum 9400 blender

You know I am all about helping you to get more plants on your plate. Well…one of the best ways that you can do this is with a high speed blender. This is definitely the number one tool I recommend for everyone to buy that will make plant based eating a breeze. Once you buy one, you will wonder how … Read More

Whole Grains – They are GOOD FOR YOU

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whole grain pic

Grains, particularly wheat, often get a bad rap. Much of the misinformation about grains has resulted from media hype and junk diet books rather than evidence based science.  Concerns about gluten and unfounded fears about carbs have just fuelled the fire further.  It is not just a shame, but a travesty that people fall for the hype and remain unaware … Read More

It’s FIBRE that we need!

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fibre foods 2

These days everyone seems to be running around worrying about whether they are getting enough protein.  It seems everyone wants more – why I am not sure – but it is the trend of the day. The fact is, that unless you are starving, you are going to be getting enough protein.  In the US 97% of adults eat enough … Read More

It is not a fad! Plant based eating is a no-brainer.

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Plant-based eating is neither a fad diet nor the latest food trend.   Rather it represents a seismic shift in the way we approach and think about the food we eat. It is a lifestyle that everybody should consider embracing. Plant based eating is a WIN, WIN, WIN proposition. It is great for our health, it is kindest on the environment … Read More