The power of a streak – small actions can create big changes

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Starting a STREAK has to be one of the simplest and most gratifying ways of creating a healthy habit that I have ever come across. And by streak I don’t mean running across your local sporting pitch naked or posting pictures on Snapchat. Rather I am talking about the streak that involves setting yourself a small challenge to perform one … Read More

Why People Fail at Healthy Eating


fail healthy eating

Have you tried to eat more healthily in the past but just couldn’t keep it going? I hear you, you are certainly not alone. Eating healthy can be a challenge. If it wasn’t everybody out there would be lean, fit and full of energy. Right? But you know what, eating healthy doesn’t have to be that difficult. There are a … Read More

Cooking greens 101

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cooking greens 101

Cooking greens 101     It has just turned summer here in Oz and my veggie garden is just bursting with green goodness. All that hard work planting and weeding is starting to bear results and I’ve got mustard greens, 4 types of kale, bok choy, silverbeet of different colours, beet greens, mizuna, tatsoi, collards, spinach, cress, purslane and at … Read More

Carbophobia – it’s time to end it

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Carbophobia is rampant Media, celebrities, and scientifically invalidated fad diets like Atkins, Zone and South Beach have perpetuated the myth that carbs are bad.  Of course everybody likes to hear that they can eat more fat but people have become so afraid of carbs that they avoiding eating healthy foods like fruit and whole grains. The public has just eaten … Read More

Smoothies vs Juices

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smoothies vs juices

    Smoothies can even be better than the whole foods While juicing removes the fibre and a lot of the polyphenol antioxidant goodness, blending your fruit and veg can actually enhance the nutritional benefits of foods. Carotenoid phytonutrients, like betacarotene and alpha carotene can exist as microscopic crystals trapped within the cell walls of plants.  These nutrients are only … Read More

Whole foods vs Supplements – what you should know

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whole foods vs supplements

In our ‘on-demand’, fast paced society people like a quick fix.  And it is no different when it comes to health. In Australia a whopping 75% of people take health supplements, grimly juxtaposed to the pathetic statistic of the 5% who eat the recommended intake of fruits and vegetables. Taking supplements has become firmly entrenched in people’s health regimens.  Most … Read More

Are your worried about the sugar in fruit?

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sugar in fruit

There has been a lot of concern in recent years about the place that fruit has in our diet.  Due to all the scaremongering in the media about carbs and sugars many people are now too scared to eat it. This is crazy.  We were designed to eat fruit.  Humans and pre-humans have been eating fruit for many, many millions … Read More

Green Smoothie Hangover Cure

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green smoothie hangover cure

HUNGOVER!! We’ve all been there, well most of us anyway (except my mother who sensibly does not drink!). There is nothing worse than that morning after feeling – dry mouth, pounding headache, nausea, fogginess and lethargy.  Awful to roll over in bed and know that your day is going to be a complete write off while you wait the symptoms … Read More